Which Suture is best for your Veterinary Practice?

Which Suture is best for your veterinary practice?

Whilst Swaged may be the vets preference, perhaps not used regularly, minimises waste, You may find your practice would benefit better with a suture on cassette?
Did you know that Animus Violine and *Violine+ can be kept and used for up to 90 days once opened, Monoline, 60 days, *Monovite, 30 days, and are available in 3 length choices of 15 metre, (*25 metre *Violine+ and *Monovite only ) and 30 metre. Catgut, Nylomide and Nyloblue can be kept and used until the expiry date on the product expires, lengths available vary.

So if you’re looking for a more economical solution to suture use why not check out our range of Suture products or contact us directly at info@animussurgical.com, with our in house veterinary background and experience we are always happy to help!