Animus Catgut Cassettes


Chromic catgut – absorbable sterile surgical suture composed of connective tissue.
Please check the specification table below before selecting an option and ordering.

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Animus CodeDescriptionUSPMetricLengthPrice
AK260Animus Catgut Cassette4-0250m£70.41
AK261Animus Catgut Cassette3-0350m£59.23
AK262Animus Catgut Cassette2-03.550m£75.27
AK263Animus Catgut Cassette0450m£82.24
AK264Animus Catgut Cassette1550m£88.44
AK265Animus Catgut Cassette2645m£98.09
AK266Animus Catgut Cassette3740m£95.14
AK267Animus Catgut Cassette4825m£70.61
Weight0.2 kg