Animus Monovite (PGCL) Swaged (Packs of 10) Sale


Poly(glycolide cocaprolactone)(PGCL) – monofilament absorbable sterile surgical suture.
Please check the specification table below before selecting an option and ordering.

Animus CodeDescriptionUSPMetricLengthPrice
AT8201Animus Monovite Reverse Cutting 24mm 3/8 circl3-0275cmUsual £23.56 Short Dated £ 15.00
AT8202Animus Monovite Taper Point 26mm 1/2 circle3-0275cmUsual £24.28 Short Dated £16.00
AT8302Animus Monovite Taper Point 26mm 1/2 circle2-0375cmUsual £24.28 Short Dated £16.00
Weight0.1 kg